Everyone is encouraged to join, from community association members to vendors. There are two member types: ASSOCIATION and INDIVIDUAL. The cost is minimal, $40 for an association member and $15 for an individual member. For more information please contact Dominick Scannavino at 813-433-2000 or email at

If you would like to join please complete the application and one of our CONA Board Members will contact you.

Together we can give our communities a strong foundation. With this stable ground, you and your fellow members will make great changes for the future. You will become a part of a bigger picture, making imperative, and beneficial changes to ensure the stability and security of our communities in Pasco County.  

We need everyone's help. It is important to be included and your voice to be heard!


All annual membership dues must be paid by September 1st of each year. The annual cost for an association is $40 and the annual cost for an individual member is $15. If you have any questions about the annual membership fee or need to update your mailing address please contact Helen Kelley, CONA Treasurer at 727-478-4909 Extension 101 or by email at