The following list are some of the accomplishments of C.O.N.A. in the past few years:

The top six items were initiated by C.O.N.A.

  • Mowing Ordinance
  • Unlicensed Cars and Trucks
  • Short-Term Rental Policy
  • Bench Ordinance
  • Uniforms/Badges for Code Enforcement
  • Change to State Law 689.26 (Real Estate)
  • Bill-Board Ordinance
  • Landscape Ordinance
  • Tree Ordinance
  • Dock Ordinance **

** Initiated by CONA Member: WCIC (Waterfront Community Impact Council). The WCIC has worked with CONA, the County, D.E.P., South West Florida Water Management District, and our State Representatives. They have been involved with many projects such as getting the Dock ordinance passed as well as county code 114-39, NO BUMPING IN THE WATER WAYS.‚Äč